A River of Fortune

What would you do if you found £1.2 pounds in a Devonshire river?


Maggie Malloy, was a shy and predictable young woman, who found herself at a crossroads. Life had dealt Maggie some tragic blows. But a fortunate discovery bestowed upon Maggie an appealing opportunity. Albeit, illegal.


With the help of her four endearing friends, Maggie made a radical and life-changing decision. This event started them on a journey of enlightenment, charity, and danger.

Through their journey, Maggie learned the value of friendship and more importantly, how to live again. Not only did Maggie's fortunes blossom, but so did those of her friends, and her beloved town of Friars Meadow.


Yet best laid plans start to unravel when they find themselves up against criminals of every calibre. Not realising the significance of what she found, Maggie and her friends must outmanoeuvre all threats or risk losing everything they hold dear.


During her Crusade Maggie finds love in the most unexpected place. Unbeknown to Maggie, Jonathan Swift is not who he appears to be. After their brief encounter, Maggie wonders if she'll ever see him again.


Jonathan, a senior analyst at GCHQ, was investigating an armoured van heist. But the robbery is the least of his problems when he discovers what the thieves were really after.  His investigation would eventually lead him to Maggie's door. Will he be able to protect Maggie and her friends before it's too late?

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